Online University of Indianapolis students are given the same resources and support as our on-campus students, and the outstanding quality of the curricula is indistinguishable. Our “Education for Service” motto is exemplified in the service-learning coursework across all online nursing programs. Service-learning marries academic course material, relevant service activities, and reflection.

To ensure your success in the program, we assign a dedicated UIndy student success advisor who will work with you to navigate your academic journey from your entry into the program through graduation.

For programs requiring placements, we pair you with a clinical placement coordinator to assist you with the logistics of securing a clinical site and preceptor.


Distance learning students will sometimes meet in synchronous sessions with an instructor, and interact with each other through discussion boards as well. We highly encourage students to form or join chat groups through text chains, Facebook groups, or other communication methods. These groups are a great way to connect with other students and find potential study partners.

For programs with on-campus intensives, this can be a great opportunity to meet classmates face to face and strengthen or establish your connections with them.


UIndy faculty are health care leaders informed by abundant clinical experience in various specialties. Instructors bring a healthy mix of teaching and nursing experience to the classroom. They are provided with the necessary resources to engage and encourage their online students in service-learning activities through a distance-learning format.

Instructors are ready and willing to help you succeed. Students can message or email with questions they have, attend office hours, or even schedule one on one calls if scheduling allows for it.


Students typically use the following systems and software for online learning:

  • Brightspace (Learning Management System)
  • Zoom or Google Meet (Synchronous classes or meetings)
  • InPlace (Placement & logging clinical hours)
  • ExamSoft (Quizzes and Exams)
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See below for an example of how online learning is experienced for the online ABSN program:

Online Coursework Information
ABSN Online Learning Information