Why Choose UIndy for Your Online ABSN Degree?

University of Indianapolis Accelerated Nursing Degree Students
University of Indianapolis Accelerated Nursing Degree Students

When it comes to earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, there are many options. Not everyone’s nursing journey is the same, which is why so many different programs and pathways exist for becoming a registered nurse. One of the main advantages of a Second Degree Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program is the low time to completion. ABSN programs are designed for career changers interested in the field of nursing. By leveraging your existing bachelor’s degree, you can earn your BSN much faster than a traditional pathway.

What sets the University of Indianapolis apart from other online or hybrid nursing programs? We are passionate about education, and that includes a desire for students to find their best fit, even if that means enrolling at a different school. Let’s answer the question; why should you choose UIndy for your online ABSN?

Service-Oriented Institution

Nursing is a caring profession, first and foremost. It is hard work, both physically and mentally, performed to benefit people other than yourself. While it’s true that earning potential is high and nursing provides plenty of opportunities for career advancement, this is not what draws people to become a nurse. The overwhelming majority of nursing students report a strong desire to help people as their main motivation for becoming a nurse. If you’re looking into nursing school, I’m sure this is no surprise to you.

We are big believers in the power of service, evident in the University motto: “Education for Service.” How is that reflected in the curriculum? Learning strategies include principles of primary care and public health nursing to identify population health needs and collaborate within the healthcare team through community partnerships.

What does “Education for Service” look like in practice? Giving back through community service is a great example. Service-learning courses are part of the curriculum for almost all programs, and our students routinely go above and beyond in their volunteer work. Local community service efforts aren’t just focused on our home in Indianapolis either. UIndy’s Center for Service-Learning and Community Engagement keeps a database of local, national and international volunteer opportunities.

If you see service as a vital part of nursing, you deserve to earn your degree with a school that shares that value with you. At UIndy, we’ve built a community of service-oriented learners, and we’re always happy to see that community grow. Are U In?

A Personal, Small-School Experience

Your student experience is important, whether you’re on campus or online. It starts before you even apply, with one of our friendly enrollment advisors, who will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

Once your program starts, you’ll enjoy small class sizes that allow your instructors to focus more on you and your needs. The program runs in a cohort model, and you’ll have opportunities to interact and bond with other members of your cohort. Students report having a study buddy (or group) helps them retain information better, so we encourage you to make connections.

Throughout the program, your academic advisor will be available to help you with program-specific questions. You’ll also have a personal student success advisor who will check in periodically to help you stay on track and offer support, guidance, and a shoulder to lean on if necessary.

Clinical placements can be a source of stress for nursing students. That’s why we have a whole clinical placement team who work to secure you a local clinical placement at no extra cost. While we can make no guarantees, the team will pursue all options to find you a placement as close to you as possible.

While we’re on the subject of clinicals, another UIndy advantage is our 1:1 preceptor model. Placements typically mean one faculty for every eight students in a singular clinical site. The 1:1 preceptor model drastically increases the amount of time, support, and teaching you’ll receive. Placements are a crucial part of your nursing degree, so we feel strongly about making them as impactful as possible.

Learn Where You Live

All coursework in the online ABSN program is completed online, with a mix of synchronous and asynchronous courses, giving you flexibility in where you can learn from. Spend your time studying, not commuting.

Of course, no ABSN program can be fully online. Clinical placement and residencies are always in person. Nursing is a very hands-on profession, so it’s important to have opportunities to translate your new knowledge into practical experience. UIndy’s ABSN provides you with those opportunities while still allowing for more flexibility.

Many ABSN programs require students to visit campus weekly for residency, even if coursework is all online. At UIndy, your residencies occur in two concentrated sessions instead of spread across the program. Your first session in our state-of-the-art simulation lab is early in the program and focuses on clinical skill learning and assessment. The second is towards the end of the program and is a comprehensive assessment of clinical performance.

As for clinical placements, our team will do everything they can to find you a local placement. We search for preceptors based on your location, not the campus location, so you don’t have to relocate for your placements.

What Kind of Students Are We Looking for at UIndy?

Values are important to us at UIndy. Students who share the values of inquiry, innovation, leadership, and service are always appreciated here. Service is especially relevant for the online ABSN program, and all our nursing programs for that matter. We’re looking for people who find a sense of purpose in helping people, and who want to build a career around providing selfless care to those in need. Passion for service and willingness to learn make you a great fit at UIndy.

Our goal is to prepare you the best we can to pass your licensure exam and become a registered nurse. The program is well-designed and constantly improving. If you are motivated and good at managing your time, you are likely to succeed here.

UIndy takes pride in welcoming people from all walks of life with open arms. We have a diverse community of students, instructors, and alumni.

Why Would Someone Not Attend UIndy for Their Online ABSN?

We want to set students up for success right from the beginning, starting with eligibility. Unfortunately, we can only accept students residing in certain states. If you live outside of the eligible states and don’t want to relocate, we cannot accept you into the program. Visit the state authorization page for a list of all 11 eligible states.

Another reason why UIndy might not be a good fit for you is the workload. Our online Accelerated BSN is a very fast path to your new career in nursing, at only 15 months to complete. However, the quick pace means that a lot of work is required during those 15 months. The workload is comparable to a full-time job. If you want to continue working full-time or have another priority requiring a significant time commitment, our online ABSN program may not be a good fit for you.

Finally, if you struggle with online learning, this program may not be the best fit for you. If you need weekly in-person sessions to keep yourself on track, then our program’s hybrid format may be difficult. However, our curriculum is designed intentionally for distance learning in a way that makes material accessible, engaging, and understandable. In addition, you receive all the support as our traditional ground program, plus a student success advisor who can help you navigate distance learning.

Ready to Begin Your Nursing Journey?

Still wondering whether the online ABSN would be a good fit for you? Fill out the form on the program page for access to your ABSN guide. The guide includes contact info for you to get in touch with our friendly admissions team who can help you decide if this program is right for you.

UIndy’s online ABSN program is a flexible, convenient and highly supportive path to your meaningful new career as a nurse - all in only 15 months! Are you looking forward to serving your community and making an impact one patient at a time?

Filling out the form to get your guide and speak to an admissions advisor is recommended, as they can help you with prerequisites and other paperwork. However, if you’d prefer to simply start your application, you can visit the application page instead.



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